Sms based voting system

Since Missed Call Voting System does not require much to do except detecting caller ID and recording them and mapping them with poll options, so we may use a low cost CTI board.

Employees can then cast their vote as yes or no. You don't need to learn, just use it. Enterprise applications using SMS as a communication channel for stateful dialogue where an MO reply message is paired to a specific MT message requires that session management be maintained external to the protocol.

Today, the most common way for remote voting is postal voting, where voters cast their votes by post. Short messages can be encoded using a variety of alphabets: Then connect the Arduino to the computer using the serial connection through the USB. So the security of this system is reinforced by a password input method after initializing the system.

For downloading new programs to the built in microcontroller. Subscribers are charged a premium for the sending of such messages, with the revenue typically shared between the network operator and the VASP.

The key given for candidate is pressed and micro controller senses the corresponding signal. No partial result is available before the final result comes out. Thus the app helps the company to get proper feedback of the employees.

There are two notions of verifiability. Numerous electronic voting schemes have been proposed in the past, but most of them have failed to provide voter authentication in an efficient and transparent way.

However, the exact meaning of confirmations varies from reaching the network, to being queued for sending, to being sent, to receiving a confirmation of receipt from the target device, and users are often not informed of the specific type of success being reported.

SMS Polling or Text Voting is a web- based service which allows people to vote by text message during a dance competition, talent show, or fashion show.

Main Screen The main screen show the current temperature reading in degree centigrade.

SMS Polling Service

It is not easy to type and send text by many people. You can limit votes per participants and you can set start and end date time of polls. Unlike some mobile phone networks, there is no extra charge for sending international SMS or to send one to a different satellite phone network.

GSM Based voting machine is fully controlled system. There is no chance of any mistake.

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Primarily, the system functions with the help of different technologies like the Global Positioning System (GPS), traditional cellular network such as Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and other radio frequency medium.

Specific Objectives The most crucial factor for a system like e-VOTE to be successful is to exhibit a Voting Protocol that can prevent opportunities for fraud or for sacrificing the voter's privacy. This paper develops an SMS Based Voting System that can be used in conducting a trustworthy, secure and robust election.

This will allow a fully automated SMS Based Voting System where electoral vote counts are done instantly by the end of Election Day. CloudVOTE is a secure, interactive training management system for instructor-led training and in-person, live events.

CloudVOTE enhances presentation content by allowing instant audience feedback via mobile devices, and/or dedicated keypads.

• SMS base remote voting system for games, classes, saves data on microcontroller (no need to carry computer or laptop). • Design and implementation of mobile based electrical appliances control for industrial automation with high security. voting system because there is no way of identification by the electronic voting system whether the user is authentic or not and securing electronic voting machine from miscreants.

This paper provides an overview of the experiences of other countries using electronic voting machine.

Sms based voting system
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